Our Specialized Services
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The key objective within Arab Orient is to establish and develop close relationships with our commercial & corporate clients to foster an in-depth understanding of their business objectives. This way, we can ensure that our services are delivered efficiently and to the highest standard.

Our service includes:

  • Thorough risk/cover analysis
  • Insurance program design
  • Advice on risk management/loss control
  • Marketing & negotiation of insurance terms
  • Ongoing policy review and maintenance
  • Regular client meetings & updates
  • Provision of detailed reports
  • Comprehensive claims handling service

Claims Assistance Services:

We recognize that the speed and efficiency at which claims are dealt with is an extremely important part of a broker's role and therefore we offer a comprehensive claims assistance service, which includes:

  • Assistance with claims preparation.
  • Negotiating best settlement with insurers
  • Coordinating with Specialist Loss Adjusters
  • Detailed claims recording and analysis
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